The organisation offers employment vacancies in two categories namely Professional Vacancies and  Empowerment Vacancies as a means of inclusiveness to both academic professionals and individuals who are not tradesmen, but need on the job training.This approach is meant to address unemployment in our communities.

The official correspondence to our vacancies must be made via email to Any other communication opposed to the information provided here should be deemed as a scam. If in doubt of any information call Venheko on +27100055357.






Venheko Trading & Projects Pty Ltd does not recruit ‘door-to-door’. We do not ask for any payment, for any reason in order to secure employment. All our positions are advertised on the company’s careers page or in an official newspaper advertisements. Please contact us on our client service telephone number (+27100055355) for assistance if you suspect fraudulent recruitment practices.

Coming Vacancy

Instrumentation & control Technician with 5 years of post graduation experience.