What we do


We design Electrical, Civil and Instrumentation drawings .


We do consultation for companies and properties in electrical & civil engineering sectors


We offer services for your civil, electrical & telecommunication from installation to commissioning.

Electrical engineering

General Services

Venheko Trading & Projects Ltd focuses on Installations, commissioning, maintenance and renovating  of Properties. We are registered with all South African Electrical standard boards to ensure that all our services  are of an acceptable standard. We are capable of working with High, Medium and Low Voltage systems. The following are some of the things we do-

*Transformer & Substation Installation * Motor Testing & installation * High Voltage cable jointing/splicing* Cable pulling & racking * Cable termination * Industrial & Domestic wiring * Issuing of Certificates of Compliance.*

Instrumentation & control 

The organisation offers its capabilities through the Processing and controlling of Industries. It  focuses mainly  on PLC installation & programming, wiring , troubleshooting, calibration and maintenance. The following are some of the things we also do- 

 * designing of drawings * VFDs programming * valves * piping *


Network Sites

Most network sites because of their accessibility to the communities are at one time or another broken into by thieves so we do the installation of surveillance cameras and intruder alarms to avoid our clients damage and theft of property. We do the upgrade of the network sites to improve the quality of communication. This includes the installation of the Internet of Things(iot) to transform network sites into intelligent centers of communication. This enables network companies to monitor and communicate with their remote sites effectively.

     Back Up Power 

Due to unreliable power supply from power companies there now is a need to have alternative power sources. We do installations, maintenance and/or Repair of mobile and static generators. On other sites we install back up batteries. The following are some of the services we provide- 

*Designing of generator control  circuits * Installation of Automatic Transfer Switches *

Civil engineering


Venheko Trading & Projects Pty Ltd delivers its capabilities into the general construction of industrial and domestic properties through its certified engineers. The following are some of the things we do-  

*Reinforced concrete walls & flooring * Precast concrete walls * Equipment Foundations/ platforms/ pads * Industrial press pits 

Consultation & Drawings 

The planning of any construction site is a very hard thing to do and time consuming but through our Consultant team the burden can be lightened. We also do the drawing of  modern building designs. 


Safety is integrated within our work ethnics and values. It is adhered to without compromise.


Outstanding quality is what we promise and deliver to our clients


We pride ourselves in effective methods of attaining our agreed goals on time and at low cost