About Us


To make the world inbound and transform how engineering services are done to attract, engage and satisfy customers.


To display excellence in services.


Our organization strives to care for and respect our clients and give them services that portray our commitment for every single responsibility entrusted to us without compromising our integrity and damaging the environment.

Health & safety

Health & Safety is integrated within our work ethnics and values because the wellness of our employees and the people around us is a must. Adhering to safe working methods and creating a safe working environment is  the duty of every member at Venheko. Our health & safety officers always make sure the required safety measures are proportional to the real risks involved and are adequate to eliminate, control or 

minimize the risk of injury. Our system involves consultation between the employer and employees, as required by the law, to cooperation in the safety management process.Every employee is introduced to Health and Safety standards when joining the organisation and frequently reminded of its importance

ethnics & Conduct

Venheko Trading & Projects Pty Ltd has adopted a set of values, which it requires to be actively applied and practiced by every member of the organisation. It has also developed the Statement of Business Principles to guide its members when acting for and on behalf of the organisation in the pursuit of its strategic and business objectives. 

The core Values and Statement of Business Principles together form the organisation’s Ethics framework, and the organisation expects every one of its member to act within this framework. The company also expects every employee to apply and abide by the laws of every country in which they operate. 


Venheko Engineering comprises three directors carefully coordinated to balance the planning and decision making processes of the organization. The Board is the highest governing authority and has ultimate responsibility for corporate governance.The Board is governed by a charter that sets out the framework of its accountability, responsibility and 

duty to the organization.  The directors have a daily responsibility to achieve the short term and long term goals and vision of the entire organisation. It is their duty to make sure every individual employed by the company share the same vision and do their best to uphold the organization’s value.